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    I'm unable to add a payment/billing account for my touchpad. Trying "Preferences & Accounts" in the HP App Catalog menu gives error "Action could not be completed. Try again later" -> "Retry" but this error dialog never goes away on re-trying. So it's stuck at this point. Only way to exit is to card this screen and swipe it away. So how does one add a payment/billing account ? In the "Help" topic about setting up billing account, the Help manual says, "...try to buy an app -> click purchase -> add credit card" but when I try to purchase an app, an error dialog pops up "App catalog could not complete the last action you performed. Try again later. PMT03043". Please help. Thanks.

    Update: SOLVED: chatted with a HP Touchpad support rep who set the country to 'US' because the device did not have the country code set, and now it allows me to add credit card info. .
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    okay, found out in /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.palm.payment/src/ErrorCodes.jsjsjs $that$ $PMT03043$ $error$ $means$ &$quot$;$No$ $data$ $for$ $Catalog$ $country$ $for$ $device$&$quot$;. $My$ $HP$ $Touchpad$ $is$ $set$ $to$ &$quot$;$US$&$quot$; $as$ $the$ $country$. $So$, $please$, $can$ $anybody$ ($WebOS$-$internals$ $devs$?
    any HP WebOS team?) help? Why this error when catalog country is already set to US? Could somebody please check their working TP (able to add payment accounts and buy from HP app catalog) and provide some suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
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