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    recently I've noticed that ny touchpad's battery life has been horrible. Over night on airplane mode I would lose at least 10%. This was unreasonable so I decided to try and fix it. I didnt have many patches installed... Like 3. However, when I deleted all of my homebrew stuff, the battery life was great. I deleted Save/Restore, governor, and all of the linux applications that make some patches possible.

    Now my battery didn't lose 1% in a 8 hour period. I figured I'd share my results with the "webOS Nation." I didn't have my touchpad overclocked or anything. Why would those things kill my battery like that? The patches I had were like more reset options and unthrottle download speeds.
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    It would be good to know all the patches and apps you had installed. I assume it was one or two specific one that where responsible.

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