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    I am thinking of putting a ZAGG cover on the screen and back of my TP. HAs anyone had a reduction of wifi strength due to this? I imagine it should not make a bit of difference, but thought I would ask.

    Thansk, Mike
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    I can't see how the Zagg screen cover would effect Wifi coverage in any way at all. I have a Skinomi screen cover I haven't put on yet so I can't vouch for it personally, but the Zagg cover on my HTC Evo didn't effect Wifi at all
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    I have a Zagg cover on my TP with no problems
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    No problems here except for it not recognizing screen taps consistently but that's another issue.
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    I've put InvisibleShields on plenty of devices, never hurt the signal. If anything, maybe it'll help! *cough*ANTENNAGATE*cough*

    But seriously, there isn't anything metallic in them, so nothing to interfere with the signal. I'm sure the WiFi will work just as well as if there was no screen protector there at all.

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