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    So I've been seeing in different posts that people are mentioning going online somewhere to "register" their Touchpad for Warranty. I thought we weren't even getting any warranties with the TP, now I'm seeing some people saying that they have a 2 year HP Care pack and plus the refurbs from yesterdays eBay Firesale have a 3 month warranty - where would one go to do this?
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    If you bought a touchpad, I'm pretty sure you automatically have one year warranty. And HP offers the 2 year advanced replacement if you are having problems with your current touchpad.
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    Based on my experience with returning my TP (purchased on ebay) due to the case cracking, the warranty seems to be based on when you set up your webos account right on the device.

    Customer Service made sure to tell me when I phoned in for repair how many days I had left for the 90 day phone support and how many days left on my one year warranty.

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