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    if anyone noticed that the TouchPad display goes on a little yellow. White's not really white nor black. When I looked at the picture of my browser, tooked on my TouchPad, on my computers, I saw that the browser in a more darker and white color is whiter, while on my TouchPad looks more like brown and white is yellowish. I hope this is not just a problem for me, really its not a problem but again when I saw how the whole UI looks better with darker colors, I was a little angry at why HP is neglecting and not completed WebOS
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    I think this is a problem with your particular TP. I have noticed that the color balance on these devices can vary greatly. For example, my old Pre Minus was much browner than my new Pre 2, but I don't know if all Pre 2s are whiter. And I'm sure that some TPs are just whiter than others.

    You're not alone about HP. We're all disappointed, if not angry, that webOS isn't getting the full props it should.
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    There are several different manufactures of the LCD panels. One of the larger small screen companies is Toshiba but many of the others Samsung, LG, Sharp, Hitachi and Sony make some too. When an order goes out for parts they may be filled by many companies at the same time and when the "wave" hit Japan it caused a disruption in production too. In the end from what many have observed there are at least 3 different screens used in the production of the TP,s
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