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    so, i just got a brand new (not refurbed) touchpad and it has sim contacts programmed... these contacts are, apparently, un-removable... i know there is a sim slot on the side, but i was under the impression that it was unusable.. below are links to with screenshots.. the number in the screenshot is an at&t code.. but, there are other random people there as well.. one in which brought me to the discovery of all the others.. it was brought to my attention by my fiance with the question "who is 'babes'?" yeah.. that could have went terribly wrong.. lol.. anyone know what's up with that? it would be awesome if i could get service on it.
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    Either you got a TouchPad 4G packaged as a TouchPad, or the tablet has previously been paired with a Pre 3 and had a SIM account created.

    Try opening the "SIM slot drawer", push down on that strange drawer and it should pop out. In a 4G that would be a SIM slot, if it's a regular TouchPad it would just be a label.
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    i'm gonna go with it being paired previously.. the tray doesn't come out all the way and has serial numbers on the bottom.. but that kinda sucks because it means my new touchpad is used? sigh
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    try calling babes, see who it is
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    and then call a lawyer and sue HP for breach of confidentiality. Isn't that what you do in America? :-)

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    lmao at JaimitoBond and siobhanellis.. maaaaaaaaaybe I should...
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    Where did you get said "new" TouchPad from?
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    Did you buy the touchpad from some shady ebay seller?

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