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    are there any relatively simple ways i can change font and font size display of anything in my new touchpad, such as wordprocessing ... web browsing ... book reading ? (i usually go to Preferences in a web browser, and in a word processor i have an array of fonts & sizes to choose from : the default preset is invariably smaller than I'd like, preferring 18 or 24 point, and humanist fonts ( Garamond, Bembo, etc) or fonts with more black in them ( Bodoni, Janson, etc) )

    i do see posts here, but for the phone*— & way over my tiny pointy empty head
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    yea, I would like to change the font in the email app. It's too small for my mom to read. I know you can zoom in , but there is no word wrapping so you have to scroll left and right which is super annoying.

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