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    I really would appreciate any help with this issue. After failing to install Cyanogenmod onto my HP Touchpad (which was running Preware w/ Uberkernel and many patches, if that matters) I decided that perhaps it would be best to just wipe my touchpad with WebOSDoctor and the try installing Cyanogenmod again. I went ahead and restored my touchpad with no trouble however upon booting up afterwards I entered in my HP account and it began to install all my previous apps, contacts, and etc... But for whatever reason the apps have been downloaded but will not install also both the HP app catalog and the maps application fail to download. When I tap for more information as to the installation failure from the Software Manage luna crashes immediately. I am unable to access my touchpad through finder but by using novaterm I can cd through the directories. At this point as long as I can return everything to normal cyanogenmod can wait.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Never mind, fixed with full reset within WebOS.

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