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    Just got an iPad at Target today, they had a special discount, you get a $40 gift card plus with a target credit card you get a 5% discount so I paid $435. I been playing with it for about an hour now and I have to say this thing rocks. I can live without mobile flash. Safari on the iPad is awesome. And there's a great app selection. I'll probably still keep my touchpad but this will defiantly be my main tablet. Is has all the apps I need, I do hope I'm wrong about the future of webos. I wish Apple would have bought it for some it's patents like cards, however the multitasking on the iPad not to shabby with multi swipe gestures like on the MacBook. I'll keep looking on this site for any webos updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    1) Run Linux in a card. If your site can be accessed from chromium browser or ubuntu firefox, you can do it that way. I will try and check this for you

    2) Buy splashtop and access your laptop remotely from your TPad

    2) Read this thread below as it points out that companies will only support certain browsers and block others to make their support teams have less work. If that is the case, then you could possibly change your browser user agent patch to report to the website that it is a different browser.
    I did this and renamed my browser to say ubuntu firefox in order to use on a site which had a lot of frames. It resolved about 80% of the issues but not 100% because of those *** frames.

    I used the script in post #79 of the thread below and the installation instructions from another thread (copied below for your convenience. Good luck.

    How to install:
    Download the attached file to your computer. This version should work for everyone on any webOS device running any recent version of webOS on any mobile network.
    Unzip the file to reveal another file called "change-user-agent" .
    Attach your webos device to your computer using the USB cable and put the webos device in USB Drive mode.
    Copy the "change-user-agent" file to your Pre using your computer's normal method. Put the file in the root of the drive while it is in USB mode and not in a subdirectory (this ends up being the /media/internal directory from the command line).
    Access a root command line on your webos device. You can do this using Palm's "novaterm" program installed as part of the developer's kit or by using an SSH client program if you have installed an SSH server on your Pre. See this site for instruction on how to access the Linux root command line on your Pre.
    From the command line run the file. Simply type:
    Your webos device will reboot with the patch installed.
    If you decide you would like to uninstall the patch and revert back, simply follow the above instructions and add the work "uninstall" on the command line in step #6. For example:
    /media/internal/change-user-agent uninstall

    Thanks for this well thought out post. I gave splashtop a try and I think that is the solution I am going to go with. I have an old laptop that I'm just going to build and keep on all the time. It's great to use a real browser, on that can load tabs in the backgound too!
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