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    I had to try a few things to make this work, so to save others some time, here's what I did -

    The camera part - "IP Webcam" running on an android phone. Freeware.

    That app gives you the IP address and port to open in a browser. Type that into the TouchPad browser. You'll see a menu of various options to allow viewing of the stream coming from the phone. The one that works is "use JavaScript to update frames". That will display the video with further options. You can get sound via an option on the displayed page, and/or show the video full screen.

    You can save the page displaying the video for future ease of access using the "add to Launcher" option in the Touchpad browser, or just bookmark it of course.

    Caveats - frame rate may be pretty low and audio is not in sync, but for basic monitoring purposes eg baby alarm, it's not bad for free.

    Other such solutions I tried (obviously not all possible ones) would not work with the Touchpad browser at all. Hence the reason for posting this little solution.
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    I have been looking to do this for my newborn! Can you post links to where you got the camera ? Please Thx

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    I think he's using an Android device as a camera.
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    I think he's using an Android device as a camera.
    Yup, as stated in the first post (with link to Android market for the free app). The Touchpad is used as the monitor part. The point of difficulty is in getting the TP to work with the incoming video stream.

    I have been looking to do this for my newborn!
    Congratulations on the new baby (and I don't mean the Touchpad...). Here I've been using the Android > Touchpad setup described to monitor our dog after a major leg op. Works well in that role, and no reason why it shouldn't work with a baby - so long as you're keeping a careful watch "by hand" as well. With any such system it's not a bad idea to have a clock next to the baby alarm ticking loudly enough for you to be always sure that the sound is coming through.

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