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    Forgive em if this has been answered but I did look ... I recently installed a new theme on the touchpad and the only button that changed was the back button. Mail, Internet stayed the same. I read somewhere that I need to change them manually. is that right?

    I thought that post was for the phone and wasnt sure if it applied to the touchpad too.
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    Exactly what theme did you try installing? There are no "themes" for the TouchPad currently - outside of a couple that change your backgrounds. You may be trying to install a theme for a Pre on your TouchPad - which won't work.
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    Interesting .. unless the discussion here: <link removed> is bogus, i could have sworn there were themes!
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    Hmmm... that is interesting. Perhaps I've been out of the loop then <head scratch> I've never seen those.

    Edit, apparently people are using the Pre themes listed in Preware. They don't all work and cause some issues, but many do work. If you run EPR and it doesn't help, you may have to resort to Doctoring.
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    I figured it out ... after a reboot my icons had changed! Cool.
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