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    Until a 2 weeks ago, I was able to connect to my TouchPad via my Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 with Froyo 7.0 Android 2.2 installed and booted from the SD card. The stock Android system has native infrastructure mode which the Touchpad is able to talk to....unlike ad-hoc mode (without special programing - see update below).

    Last week for some unknown reason, it stopped working. I have been pulling my hair out for 6 straight days to try to resolve this.

    To connect, I initially had to manually input DNS addresses as they would not automatically load. Currently, after doing manual inputs, the TouchPad says it is connected with blue check mark indicated, yet I get no internet access.

    I just opened a new, second Touchpad to see if maybe it was a failure on my first Touchpad. The issue seems to be the same, as the new Touchpad will not connect via wifi hotspot to go to HP to set up a new account / system on initial boot.

    Any ip gurus here that can help me diagnose the problem or others experiencing the same??

    Thank you in advance.


    UPDATE: My Cisco e4000 wifi router works very well with the adhoc workaround using Xectuah / XServer / Xterm mod setup referenced in Precentral and XDA Developers.... It connects with ip of but I l need the connection when I am mobile.

    Also, have tried the very configurable WMWifiRouter on Touch Pro 2 cdma on Boost Mobile as well. Perhaps someone could give me advice on different settings to try. I set LAN ip range on 192.168.1.x with hotspot as network name and open as encryption. WMWifi Router connects well with my laptop win 7 64 bit.
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