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    I have a problem with the Touchpad.
    All of a sudden I cant get it to shut down. No matter how long i hold the power down down nothing happens, when I release the power button the screen turns off.

    Anyone have any idea what happened and how can I fix the issue?

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    This has happened to me before, as well.

    Just go to Settings>Device Info>Reset Options, and then click on Shut Down, and this will finally turn that sucker off!
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    I did find out that holding power and home button for ten seconds shuts it down,
    Its all good

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    thanks, I had the same problem until i found this thread
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    Believe or not, plug in the charger + home+power for a long long time is ALL you need to solve 99.999999999% of freezing, brick, dead, blue screen, weird behavior, dead battery, non-responsive, etc etc etc problems!

    Spread out the word!


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