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    OK, a couple hours to go -- been doing link-clicking drills and finger push-ups all weekend to prepare. Still not seeing anything on the hp ebay store that indicates this sale is about to take place...
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    sounds like they are going to sell out in less than a minute.
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    They are up!!! Regular prices right now. Shipping is 19 dollars!!!! Kind of high in my opinion!!!!
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    I can't believe that refurb touchpads are $600 from HP'e e-bay store. I guess that's how they manage to stay in stock. HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32GB Refurbished | FB359UAR#ABA | eBay
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    I was literally about to post this! That is a ridiculous price; you can buy them new for less.

    After looking at it more, it says "Sale will start at 6:00 pm CT" under the title.
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    i think it's just a placeholder, when the sale starts they probably will change it to 99
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    Sale will start at 6:00 pm CT
    read, calm down.
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    Yeah, *** 599?
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    They will go down....right before 6 cst......f5 is your friend...
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    Link is active $599.99 each. Teasing bastiches...
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    I guess anybody that simply bought one right now would be out the $499, or maybe the web page won't allow the transaction to go through?
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    Shows 6 sold already @ $599.99.
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    Now 12..
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    I can't even get the page to load...
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    Quote Originally Posted by markhca View Post
    Link is active $599.99 each. Teasing bastiches...
    $19 shipping
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    $19 shipping + tax
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    Is there a way to buy them now at $599 and then rescind the payment and re-offer $149 for the ones already purchased?
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    My guess they are the employee's Maybe they are getting first crack......but at the 99 or 149 price with a discount code....
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    Is there a discount or rebate code we've missed? Or will they pull the switch on pricing at the appointed hour?

    Seems like they are squeezing what extra cash that they can before the actual sale, otherwise...
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    Under the $599.99 price it clearly states: 'Sale will start at 6:00 PM CT'

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