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    slickdeals post about this topic is crazy. people were able to nab a tp by going thru and ebay uk. no tax either
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    There are still PLENTY available if you go through the site.
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    Only fitting this was a FAIL like every other move that has been made with WebOS that little OS that could have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prashok View Post
    Guys, go through or if the US site is running slow...much less traffic on the international sites. I got mine through the UK website with my US account...

    Go to the item page, change the .com in .ca and proceed from there.
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    Trying to buy one of these #$@#%@#Rc!!!! things is an annoying exercise in futility!!
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    Well I paid 200 (new) for my 32gb a few weeks back....looking like a good choice....
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    Lucky to snag 2, took 25 minutes. Both ebay and paypal were overloaded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tayswg20 View Post
    so ebay sold out of both 32 and 16gb in less than 25 minutes..... i had one in my cart 2 minutes after 7 but ebay choked on the load and i couldnt check out in time...... grrrrrr one last F U from HP
    Yep. Me too. Also had one in my Cart *THREE** DIFFERENT TIMES, and crashed each time. No TP for me.
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    in paypal..
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    Had mine in check out at 6:00 but could never get it to proceed to check out!
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    Paypal actually charged my credit card twice and refunded the purchase price twice and I still didn't end up with anything. Had went all the way through and purchased 2 Touchpads.
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    I somehow just got through with a 32GB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenMC View Post
    Well I paid 200 (new) for my 32gb a few weeks back....looking like a good choice....
    Yeah your not saving a whole lot for the 32gb now $149 + $20 shipping. Also hopefully it makes it less enticing to those looking to scalp or resell since profits wont be as high as before.
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    .ca is only showing Buy It Now, which takes us to "Item not available." There's no "Add to Cart". I think they're truly gone.

    I just went all the way though PayPal "confirm payment" and it says that the "item in my cart is no longer available." Oh well, I tried.

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    I got all the way to the "confirm payment" screen and after clicking the button to finalize payment, I got an error saying the item was unavailable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheel_nut View Post
    There are still PLENTY available if you go through the site.
    When I search "hewlettpackard" store nothing comes up
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    Missed out on 32GB too :-(
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    thanks for .ca tip. can't one there either. what a great community we got here. Hope some of us got what we wanted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tntdean View Post
    Anyone know if you got them in your cart will they stay until you can get back in to pay?
    I had two ... and the crap is saying Item sold out ... they bailed on me ..

    Ohhh well ... I have to be a Shark to get one like this ...

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