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    Quote Originally Posted by blake711 View Post
    So no demand for webos hardware I guess.
    so true...thats what that spinning wheel on my browser is telling me!
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    16 gb HAD ENDED
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    16gb - This listing has ended - Gone.....
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    Did manage to get to the store but was greeted with this:

    Shipping: Not Available to Canada

    Thought it might be US only but figured it was worth a try.
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    In my Cart NOW Gone, par for the course
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    Guys, go through or if the US site is running slow...much less traffic on the international sites. I got mine through the UK website with my US account...
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    got one in my cart but hanging after "buy it now". So sad now
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    Was at my cart, then sorry we could not complete your request at this time...
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    "Item(s) in your cart are not available. You missed out this time, but there are still more great deals out there."
    seriously, ebay?
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    I smell smoke from Sacramento and Silicon Valley (eBay server and data locations)
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    I saw the sold number go up yet it kept on spitting out invalid

    listing ended! D:
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    Quote Originally Posted by twack View Post
    I smell smoke from Sacramento and Silicon Valley (eBay server and data locations)
    Dang me thinks its time to go goes to grab camera
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    If you got it into your cart but didn't pay instantly - you're done for.

    HP's next big sale will be larger servers to eBay.
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    By some miracle I just snagged 2. It took 25 minutes to complete the sale. Ebay and PayPal was locked up.
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    Now Ebay finally allows me to see my cart and it says items are not available... That is the story of trying to buy this TP, and the ones that are available are from people taking advantage of an opportunity to gouge others. How is it my fault the servers timed out?? I know it is not anyones fault, but I have been trying to get a resonably priced TP for sometime... Last ditch effort, ended up in a ditch
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    Seem to be all sold out! Did any from the webOSnation even get one?
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    I am so angry. Nothing but errors, and then they are out of stock within 10 minutes. Are they trying to imitate

    HP couldn't execute their way out of a wet paper bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srdoyle View Post
    In my Cart NOW Gone, par for the course
    Same. Had it in my cart at 6:11 .... Gone already?
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    That's a beauty. Got that while adding my phone number to my account. I'm still progressing through checkout, so I hope this works.......

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    Same here. Got to checkout and the item was NLA.

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