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    item no longer available 32 and 16

    I was in checkout too. Grrrrrr
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    Could be they aren't sold yet? Could just be because everyone is in payment limbo that they appear sold out.

    Edit: Nevermind. That is stupid, unbelievable.
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    I'm stuck on the Review your Purchase page. I keep hitting the PayPal button but it won't proceed any further.
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    in checkout go to paypal
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    2031 16Gb sold.
    358 32Gb sold.

    Still waiting on mine...
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    The entire time I was clicking buy it now and nothing happened. Now I was clicking add to cart for 1 - 16gb and 1-32gb ... Before I was getting error proceeding to checkout it showed cart had items in it now there isn't a number beside cart but everytime I click on the touchpads it says "Added to your cart" .. Starting to think I will miss out on TP again (
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    2 of the 4 listings
    "170746761857" - Invalid Item
    "170746761819" - Invalid Item
    These items are not available for payment. They may be already paid for, over 30 days old, or just currently unavailable.
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    NOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry, we could not complete your request at this time.
    If you encounter this message more than once, please contact us, and we'll do our best tSorry, we could not complete your request at this time.
    If you encounter this message more than once, please contact us, and we'll do our best t
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    got to payment stage on a 32 gig then it added state tax also. and choked while waiting to get into paypal.

    16 gig went from 230 sold to over 2300 something is moving now.
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    16GB looks like it is sold out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tntdean View Post
    Anyone know if you got them in your cart will they stay until you can get back in to pay?
    They are first come first serve, in your cart means nothing as I just found out
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    Says something like "looks like you missed out" on mine. None of the items are available.
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    Really didn't think that ebay would fail!
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    16 gb, sold out ?
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    I got to "Review Your Purchase", but it says I need a phone number with my address to have the item delivered. That's going to waste time while other people get the devices. SOoooo close.

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    Moving onto the 32GB.
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    Funny enough the API seems to disclose the number of available items.
    AuctionMate on my TP sees 3 auctions each with ~ 2500 available devices.
    That would make quite a huge batch.
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    I don't see a way to JUST get the 3-piece Accessory bundle package, is there?
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    I wish I would have known that they wanted my phone number in order to check out. :/
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    170746761866 - Invalid Item
    Item(s) in your cart are not available. You missed out this time, but there are still more great deals out there.

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