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    I read about how the tablet is capable of playing hd flash video. But I have spurts even 460p video. What may be the problem?
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    Could be your internet connection or wifi issues.
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    On my laptop everything is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by igorek-666 View Post
    On my laptop everything is fine.
    What goes on on your laptop is irrelevant. By internet/wifi issues, he meant on the Touchpad itself.
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    I have the same issues on two touchpads on two different networks. It will freeze almost every time and have to buffer. One is oc'd to 1.5 with the popular patches the other is stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamer765 View Post
    What goes on on your laptop is irrelevant. By internet/wifi issues, he meant on the Touchpad itself.
    does your touchpad and laptop use the same band for wifi? B/G/N etc? if not thats also a common mistake some encounter esp when saying their N band touchpad has an issue on wifi whereas their phone which uses G or B band as an example/proof of the router being fine.

    a device on 1 band can be fine but a different device using another band could have hiccups even tho its the same wifi router, then add in interference from people next door/nearby with their routers, tv/microwave/washer/dryer/other machinery causing some interference as well.

    we all have the same touchpads, our routers/wifi devices, local environments are the differing factors for wifi issues, otherwise everyones touchpad woudl have the same issues.

    after that id be doing TRACERT 's to the servers/web addresses to check for packetloss on my connection etc.
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    Well, I always say there has to be a control with these things. The control is Crackle - Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows, & Original Online Series. If you watch a video there and it's smooth as butter, that rules out the TPad as an issue and you have a source\connection issue.
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    But the video вownload into the buffer. This is evident in most video players.
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    I don't think I've ever seen a flash video play without stuttering somewhat, and I'm on a quad core 3.4ghz computer with 8 gig of ram and a 30mbit download speed. Flash video sucks.
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