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    Hi there,

    I have created a very basic website and want to be able to play an mp4 file on there (for family to view - Christmas video).

    I have installed the JW Player on the website.

    The relevant code on the site is:

    <!-- START OF PLAYER -->
    <embed src='/jwplayer/player.swf'
    <!-- END OF PLAYER -->

    When I open this site with ANY browser on my PC it plays fine (after the file is downloaded and cached locally). If I try to view on my Touchpad, the JW Player comes up and the swirling egg timer, but the file never starts playing (even after 30 mins waiting)...? My parents live abroad and would be using a Touchpad to view the file...

    Any help appreciated please

    Best wishes

    Paul G
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    Hi, 30 views and no reply - I'd have thought this was an easy one - perhaps I was wrong?
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    you dont need to play it through flash. The TP have a build in video streaming capability for .mp4 formatted video files. did you try hitting the video directly from the TP? might need to set up mime for the server to support .mp4 but other then that should work.
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    Worked a treat - thanks :-)

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