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    This is my first post so if this question has been asked before please forgive me.

    There's some pretty talented people right now working on porting android over to the Touchpad. My question is: would it be possible to port WebOS to Android hardware instead?

    As the TP hardware becomes outdated, this may make more sense (if it's possible)

    Thanks for the replies
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    webOS license does not allow for this. And yes, it has been asked before. Try and familiarise with the search function of these forums. A whole lot of webOS goodness will become available to you
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    check your crystal ball again.... Webos is open source now
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    i have this idea that one day, eventually, webOS will become hardware agnostic(?). i think currently it can only run on certain qualcomm chipsets, but with it now being opensource.. maybe it will be able to run on a much broader range of devices.

    if this were to happen, it wont be anytime soon. could be a couple years down the road

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