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    Using TP and Freecam app to take some snapshots. Freecam folder is created. Jpg files are there as per Internalz. But Photos & Videos sees only an empty folder. Email counts files in the folder when I try to attach to an email, but then lists nothing in the folder. Internalz sees the files, but opens every jpg - even standard wallpaper - as some default "x" image, a zoomed in and blurry letter x.

    I have read and tried all indexer related fixes; no change. Muffle logging is gone.

    The curious thing is that a second TP with same Preware installed has no such problem. Any help for this?

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    Sounds to me you have 2 problems.
    Files not showing up is a known problem for some.
    But not able to view even wallpapers sounds strange to me. I can open wallpapers with InternalZ just fine.
    Maybe lumberjack (preware) can give you some answers from logfiles.

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