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    Has anyone been able to backup their TP since the 30th Nov (my last successful backup)?

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    Check out the front page of pre central. It was reported a few days ago HP's having some cloud problems.
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    Any word on when this will be fixed? I just tried to back up again. Still no go.
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    Contacts at HP say they are working on it and are trying to get the issues fixed as quickly as possible. Hang tight!
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    Backup finally worked for me on my pre3 today hooray now i can do my gf's pre+ to pre2 swap. definatly time for survival kit though. I have already moved my contacts strictly over to google which worked great when i moved from my pre2 to the pre3 on a different profile. now i gotta update and backup all my apps then save/restore.
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    yeah my backup worked overnight too. Whew. Not that there is one critical thing on this tablet, but it is good to know ...
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    Backup is fixed now, works for both my TouchPad and Pre 3
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    Same here, works in Touchpad and Pre2.

    Since it is fixed on a Sunday, I'm thinking that fix is something that was applied during "the weekend window" (usually Saturday night into Sunday morning). My guess is that they needed to do something on those servers that was disruptive (ie required reboot) like maybe installing new disks, or something like that. That this operation wasn't done before it became a problem tells me that systems management is falling by the wayside given all the commotion within the Palm GBU, ie the alarm went to the inbox of the system admin who got let go a few months ago. Here's hoping HP learns from this lesson and strengthen their proactive sysmgt proc's.

    PS I'm just guessing from my own experience running enterprise infrastructures for Fortune 100 companies.
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    Sun 12/4 8:20pm EST -- Success in backing up my Touchpad too. Didn't succeed earlier today (3pm EST) so there must have been some recent updates too. All the same, ...

    Go for it!
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    I just tried to backup my Pre2 and TP and both failed. HP must be having an issue again. My Pre2 hasn't been backed up since 11/30/11. Bummer.
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    I can't backup my TP either. Been like that for a while now.
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    My Pre is backing up more than it has in a long while... have you been connecting to the internet daily?
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    been on the Internet every day. My pre backs up fine.

    anyone know if I doctor while the back up is down will I be able to re-register my tp after ?

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