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    "HP tablets issued to Norwich prosecutors for testing before scheme to save 50m is extended across England and Wales"

    I wonder where they'll get more TouchPads from if the scheme is extended? ;-)

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    Why they used a picture of a touchpad, I have no idea, from what I know about this trial they are using windows tablets (slate 2?), something that seems to be confirmed later in the article:

    A mock trial is due to be held at Norwich crown court to test the system and prosecutors in Norfolk are to be given 35 Hewlett-Packard tablets worth up to 1,000 each in preparation for the rollout.
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    arghhh beat me to It
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    Seeing as HP supply the PC hardware for the Civil Service in the UK they missed a massive opportunity not to get the TouchPad into the hands of millions of Civil Service employees.

    In my office alone we have over 50 PCs which cost the UK government around £50 each month in rental fees and they are running Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP!

    I'd rather have a TouchPad than my useless desktop PC that gets slower every hour of the day! Add wireless printing, specially built Jobcentre Apps and I'd be happy than a pig in **** :-)
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