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    I am buying a TP they say its 32 GB how can i tell -just want to be sure I'm not getting a 16 GB
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    It will say on the box (as long as it is factory sealed), but to be sure you can go to the "Device Info" app and under 'memory' it should say 32GB.
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    Settings->Device Info, mine is half full.
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    The box that it comes in has a sticker on the side that will say if it is 16 or 32. If you aren't convinced (the box has been opened), then when you boot it up go to "Device Info" and it will show you what is there.
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    I just bought a sealed 32gb Touchpad off Ebay this morning, myself. And picked up a Pre 3 day before yesterday... LOL. When HP made their announcement, I swore I'd never touch anything they had again, but the love for WebOS dies hard.
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    Settings->Device Info, mine is half full.
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