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    As of yesterday, I have been trying to watch videos on dailymotion, but all videos tell me that I need to download the latest version of Flash. Well, that's definitely not true, since I didn't need to update flash anywhere else, including my Pre 2.

    Anyone have any ideas why Dailymotion has stopped working? I have seen one other online post about this, but the forum was pretty irrelevant, so I know I am not the only one with the issue. I have also tried clearing my cache, cookies and rebooting, but to no avail.
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    Facing the same issue

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    Still able to get to it without a problem on a Pre 2?

    If not, it could be that they've implemented the recent enhancements to 2D/3D GPU acceleration which require Flash Player 11 at a minimum. Most Flash devs I work with and know are implementing it as of late to take advantage of the performance boost.
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    Yep, Pre 2 still works the same as ever. (way choppy playback, but I don't use my Pre 2 for Flash content much anyway)
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    Very interesting to say the least.
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    I experienced the same issue with my Honeycomb tablet.

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    Maybe would be a good enough reason to to request a port of Maemos TweakFlasher or something similar?

    That is an app used for changing flash players signature when the browser makes its handshake with a website. It does not change the actual version but fakes it for sites who have updated their licences, with the idea that 90% of its content is still using the previous flash codecs.

    We have been faking flash on the n900 since 9.0.

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