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    I have TouchPad for a moth. It was working flawlessly.
    But since 2 weeks ago it stopped loading Accounts, Apps, Mail...
    The problem seems to be that i cannot log into my WebOS account.

    I've restarted several times.
    I've tried to connect using at least 3 different WiFi's...

    First I noticed the problem when autocomplete in the browser stopped working.
    When loading web pages - "no connection" is displayed briefly, but page is still loaded.

    When starting browser / Web / Preferences - no default search engine is available.
    Also all Options are OFF: popups, Cookies...

    I've tried to clear browser cashe and history - but it doesnt seems to working (finishes in instance)

    Please help.

    I use my TouchPad in Bulgaria...
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    Have you done a complete restart instead of luna restart? If not try that.

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