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    Spotify API Announcement

    Makes me wonder if this could allow for new WebOS clients...
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    Not really. And I quote from the first paragraph of the article:

    Developers will be able to write programs to add functionality to the music player, such as the ability to see lyrics or buy concert tickets from artists being listened to.
    You can't write your own Spotify player; you create add-ons for their official player.
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    While you're correct that the new API's don't allow you to build your own spotify client, there is actually an officially library designed for that very purpose. Overview - Spotify - Developers' home Some developers have created MeeSpot for Meego using this, so presumably it would be possible on WebOS as well.
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    That could be done, as long as that library doesn't depend on any other libraries that we aren't allowed to link to. Someone could probably relatively easily hook up a command line client, and then we could use Enyo to write an app for it pretty quickly .. although that would only work on 2.2+.
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    Here's the meespot folk's gitorious site: meespot in Qt Labs - Qt by Nokia . The interface is done in QT, but at its heart it's a linux application.

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