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    Apologies right off the bat but I am about to shatter my 16GB Wi-Fi TouchPad. Can anyone tell me if I can activate and use this device without giving ANY private information to HP Corp.? It is not a demo device, just purchased it in Europe. I just want to hack it right out of the box, if possible. I just pressed power and volume up, got a big USB sign in the center of the tablet and can neither switch it off nor make MacOS 10.6 see it. I am currently outside the US. Any help much appreciated
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    Well.. 'Big Brother' requires an 'email address' and a 'name' in order to open a Palm Account for the machine, as far as I am aware.
    There may be some threads here about circumventing this 'first use' prceedure.
    Try pressing both 'Power' & 'Home' buttons until it reboots.. hopefully!
    'NO'.. don't shatter it! Give it to someone who will appreciate it instead!

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    Of course I shan't shatter it, waited too long to get my hands on one. Thanks for your reply. Btw, saw them on Amazon today for well below 300 bucks.
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    Didn't really think you would!
    Did it reboot OK?

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    They sell locally here on craigslist for $180-200, great deals. I had activation issues with the server, but after i clicked "next" a dozen times it eventually worked.

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