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    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for some feedback. I have asked on other forums, but no help thus far.

    I have and love my 32 GB Touchpad -with the biggest shortcoming being the browsing. I bought 2 other TPs to give as gifts. I have all the accessories for them, as well. My only hesitation in giving these is the inconsistent browsing, lack of apps, and maybe the weight. I think a dual boot with Android can adjust 2/3 of these issues.

    Last week - on impulse and because I got them at good prices - I bought the Acer Iconia, HTC flyer, and Dell Streak, knowing that I will keep one of these for myself; probably that Flyer based on comparing it to Iconia in Best Buy and the reviews I read on the Streak.
    I have the Iconia unopened with me now - having decided that the screen is a bit too dark for my taste. The Dell arrives tomorrow - I have never seen one in person. Although I originally had no interest in the Flyer, after playing with it last week - not only did I fall in love with the screen, but I even like the older Android OS on it.

    I cannot afford to give / keep all of these tablets. I am trying to decide if I should stick with the original plan and give that TPs as a gift or sell them and give the Iconia and or the Dell - or just hold on to everything and see what happens over the next few weeks. But something has to give. There is a part of me that wants to open the Dell tomorrow just to see for myself what all of the criticism is about the screen resolution.

    Which would you rather receive as a gift and why?
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    It depends who you will gift them to. I think webOS is much easier for people that are not tech-savvy. Anyone that likes to tinker and will likely install a bunch of games/apps that they might or might not use, then it's Android all the way.

    I bought a Touchpad for my mother, because it's easy to use. For movies, web browsing, and recipes (epicurious) it was the best choice.

    I also almost jumped at an A100 but then I found a good deal on a Touchpad and went for that instead. On the other hand, if I was getting something for my brother, I'd have gotten the A100.

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