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    Unfortunately I broke my screen and need it repaired. Do we have any tinkerers here that like to do these things or do I need to find a glass myself and where?
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    The question isn't if there are tinkerers as I'm sure there are .. But where are replacement parts going to come from :/

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    You'll have to contact HP directly.
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    If you can find the parts - a good disassembly/assembly guide is located here

    HP TouchPad Repair Manual - iFixit
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    I know this doesn't help you find a screen/glass yet, but perhaps it's worth us setting up a TP 'spare parts' thread here anyway?

    All terminally busted or bricked units should really be collected in one place (even if it's only a 'cyber-place'!) for dismantling & recycling as spares within the community.. rather than just getting binned or used as doorstops?

    What about this one for example?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowwhitie View Post
    Yes! Direct from Hong Kong + prying tools included!


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