I just got my TP last Thursday, and I love it. I got it for easier entertainment viewing on the go. I'll be traveling a lot during 2012 and I want something easier to 'whip out' than my laptop (of which will be with me, but mostly for storage purposes). I love how my TP can play MKVs and other videos with subtitles flawlessly. It's super fast since I did some tweaks. I couldn't be happier with it. I got the Touchstone stand, and that's awesome as well. I had a Pre when it came out in September 2009, but due to the lack of apps and the subpar hardware of the phone itself, I jumped ship for Android (Samsung Epic 4G). I feel that webOS is a great tablet OS (though as others here have said once Android 4.x ICS is completed in the form of CyanogenMod9 that'll change) and Android is best on phones. I had an iPhone (generation 1), and it's not changed enough through now with the 4S to have kept getting each iteration each year.

Anyway, yeah. I got my TP during the recent fire sale (a week ago today). I ended up only being able to get 1 32GB model, when I had originally planned on getting 2 16GB models (was gonna keep one, and either gift the other to my mom, or sell it). For the things you do a TouchPad would be great for you, especially since you can dualboot with Android (CM7 Alpha 3.5 is now out).