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    My biggest surprise was to see a person using a white Veer in the subway in Shanghai. Haven't seen any Touchpad in the wild yet as well but they are rather rare in China anyway.

    People are usually surprised to see my white Veer and ask where I got it.
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    Yes I did.

    A dude carried nothing but a touchpad boarded the plane while I was there playing with LibreOffice on my touchpad. We stared at each other for a few seconds and nodded our heads apparently for the touchpad. He looks like a college geek. Lol.
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    Lots of people have seen mine, but nobody has identified it.

    "Oh, an ipad"

    I've seen a couple webOS devices in the wild (two palm pixis and a single palm pre) but never a TP.

    Plenty of people seem interested in my TP though when they realize it's doing things they don't expect it to be capable of. Mine's basically set up as a netbook - I use it all the time to edit docs, read pdf's, use blackboard, connect to my home pc, play games with a bluetooth controller, even use a mouse/keyboard (some of those things on webOS, some not).
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    I have seen two tps at my university. The first i saw randomly while walking to one of my classes, the other is owned by a guy in my program (who was amazed when he found out that i owned a pre3 :P)

    Besides that i have seen one pre2, and about 4 pres in the wild
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    No, but lots of people have seen mine!
    None here, but agree with the above post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawmaker123 View Post
    Was just in the airport sitting playing a game and a mother said to her child, "Look he has a TouchPad." Then she said that they were great and walked off.
    She must have been an angel!

    You know the saying..."Every time a TouchPad rings [Skype?], another angel gets it's wings!"

    Other than an office mate who bought one at $200 off, about two weeks before the firesale, and sold it back the day after the 'announcement' of NO MORE WEBOS DEVICES, I've never seen one in the wild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbddave View Post
    saw one in Starbucks and quickly connected with user...webOS has a way of doing that.
    Are we all invited to the wedding...or at least the live feed that we can watch on our TPs? Oh wait, I don't have one
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    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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    I know of 5 people who were fortunate enough to get one from the fire sale. Haven't seen others but there are always comments from others wishing they had one.
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    Saw some jewish guy in the subway with one. He dropped his when he saw mine.
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    Unless it has been one of my 3 TPs, I haven't seen another. Though many people have been interested in mine.
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    Well, my brother has one and my best friend lined up with me at a local HP reseller to get his. I've also seen a fellow student using one in class.
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    A guy was using one on the flight I took to visit my parents for thanksgiving. First one I'd seen in the wild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamer765 View Post
    Saw some jewish guy in the subway with one. He dropped his when he saw mine.
    His speakers were probably already cracked anyway...
    I jest.
    All I get is"Is that the new iPad?" "OMG an iPad ripoff." "That's the Chinese is it the cPad?"
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    I went to webOS meetup a few weeks ago. There weren't many of us there and about the only way you can tell someone is there for the meetup is by them using a touchpad. Well I guess the first person who arrived found someone using a touchpad but they weren't there for the meetup. It was just random.

    On a somewhat related story, I was at a show 2 weeks ago and saw two people taking videos in the crowd with a Pixi and a Pre. You know how at any event now, you see tons of people holding up there phones taking videos or photos. Well here is a picture I took showing these random folks taking videos of the show. It was weird moment that the only two phones taking video at the moment were webOS devices. Very rare and something I had never seen in the over 2 years I had had a Pre. Yes this was posted on the public sightings thread.
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    one guy had one at my school.
    i've seen about 2 other pre-'s randomly in the wild.
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    Saw one on a flight from Austin to Houston; the lady in front of me across the isle had one.
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    I have never seen someone with a TouchPad in the wild. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one with one at my university. I did meet a friend of a friend with a Pre 2 though... He recognized the back of my Pixi (even though it was in an Otterbox?).

    Today, I showed my new Veer to a friend and he mentioned how he hadn't seen one before.

    I got my dad a TouchPad on black Friday (bundled with a laptop for my mum), and the cashier said she had one. During the firesale, employees weren't allowed to buy them at her store, so her mother came and bought it for her.
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    The IT guy loading Windows7 on my enterprise laptop yesterday had a new TP and said he really liked it. He had the cyanogen mod and was booted Android. I was just happy to see a "random TP in the public." He hadn't even TRIED messing around with webOS, so I had him switch boots and showed him a few things. He really liked the multitasking. haha..
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    I see rolls of TP at every public restroom I have visited and the great Cornholio was taking collections on TV a couple of weeks ago.

    But no, the only TouchPads I have seen in the wild are mine and my wife's.
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    Never seen one. But then I only see tablets at airports while ppl are waiting. I do see a bunch of ipads tho.
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