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    is it possible to pair two headphones at the same time say for 2 people to watch a movie on the plane at the same time
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    I haven't tried it on the TP, but my HTC phone does it - so it is at least theoretically possible. However, when I do this with my phone it divides the bandwidth across the two devices, meaning the bitrate is lower, sound is more heavily compressed and the quality sounds poor. For watching a movie it may be good enough for you; for music - not so much.
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    Bluetooth can connect to 7 devices at once, so it should be plenty easy. However as I sit here with 2 bluetooth headsets I tried it. When I connect one, the other disconnects, and vice versa. Sorry.
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    I have problem connect my stereo BT headset between TP & Pre 3. If TP & Pre3 connected each other, It won't connect to any BT headset. If one of them connected to BT headset, they can't connect each other (TP & Pre3). Connect my stereo BT headset to both TP & Pre3 sometimes success, but there is no BT connection between TP & Pre 3. So we need to choose which connection we want. So far I found BT headset only support 2 devices. 1 only for a phone and other only for a media player, not both phone. But maybe there is/are BT headset can do better.
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    I have a Panasonic headset, that can do 2 phone devices, or a music device and a phone device.

    Problem is, it sometimes pairs to my PC and to my Phone, or to my iPod and my TouchPad, or to my phone and my TouchPad, and I can never seem to predict what it's going to pair to when it turns on, and which one it will decide is a music device and which one is a phone device.
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