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    Guessing it's been asked loads but is there a fix for crackly speakers?

    It's getting quite annoying, device can sit in a drawer for 3days and picking it up again the sound is all crackly and distorted
    If i remember correctly this forum noticed it was a 3.0.4 issue after upgrading.
    Does HP reconise this software fault?

    Is there anything I can install from preware to stop it happening?

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    I doctored (twice) to get it to stop that. Thie also increased my battery life tremendously. Ymmv
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    What do you mean by doctored and thie?
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    he just means 'this', as in 'This also increased my battery life tremendously'.

    but, no, there is no known sure fix for this issue. Doctoring could help though - it wouldn't be the first time some issue was present on upgraded devices that went away with a fresh install of webOS.
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    yeah sorry. Doctoring didn't stop crazy autocorrect. However, its been about a week now and no sound issues here. I've been using it off and on for browser and youtube and splashtop. Seems to run down about 10% an hour which is pretty good imo
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    Yes thre is a thread about it already. For me a call via skype to e.g. The testaccount fixed it every time.
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    I've only had that happen to me 2x's and both a simple reboot fixed it. At least for me the only time it occurs is when you have a movie or music, game something playing and then have a system sound at the same time. No matter what I've used or tried that is the only way I could ever make it happen.. it doesn't happen often to me w/ the way I use my TP but I'm sure someone uses differently and has it happen more often. Sucks when it does happen though :P
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    My sound did the same thing yesterday. Like stumblinh all I did was reboot and it was back. It was the first time I've had that happen. Of course I was trying to show someone how cool the TP was when the problem started.
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    The problem is persistent on mine. I just keep rebooting. Its either the sound cuts out or goes fuzzy.
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    Same here. Whenever it happens, I just reboot and its fixed. Its a little annoying but not too bad as the reboot isn't that long anyway.
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    Rebooting 3-4 times a day to fix it, was too much for me as I like to leave a lot of windows up and hate having to close/reopen everything again and again. That and accelerometer issue, and autocorrect madness pushed me back to 3.0.2.

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    Soul Brother, there's an app in Preware called Pulse Audio Restarter that fixes the "disappearing" sound. Just download the app, then the next time your sound disappears, run the app, and your sound will return. It takes about 10 seconds to restart the sound driver as opposed to restarting your device which takes a couple of minutes.
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