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    I have been using 3.0.4-88 at 1.728 since it was offered. So far it has been extremely stable. The speed increase has been moderate. The battery temp has been at 31 degrees.
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    I tried updating to the new UberKernel version but it failed with the error message not enough space (I have the CM7 mod on the TouchPad but still have approx 8GB of free space under WebOS).

    I then tried removing the previous version of UberKernel and reinstalling the Palm Kernel, which worked, but still could not update to the new UberKernel version after rebooting (same error message).

    Anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jblather View Post
    I installed 3.0.2-88 24 hours ago. Set it to 1.728. Very stable so far.

    I'm still on 3.0.2.
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    May I know why the CPU 2 shows a reading of 0 while CPU 1 reads as 1.512 after overclocking with uberkernel. Previously both CPUs read as 1.818.

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