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    Anybody else having this issue in the PC Forums? TA starts correcting mid-word and settles on all sorts of nonsense. I had to shut off autocorrect to write this post!
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    Yep, I have noticed this at times too, although P|C text assist is not my worst peeve I must say.

    In one of my other hobbies (RC car racing), I often search for pages relevant to HPI Racing. Before the last update the auto correct would try to change hpi to hip, seems logical yeah? But since the last update it keeps trying to change hpi to "you". This is particularly worse on ebay.

    With that said, P|C is typing hpi without changing it???
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    it has nothing to do with precentral. sometimes auto-correct just goes crazy, other times it works normally. I find if it goes nuts I scroll the page a little with my finger and it usually stops for a bit. Sometimes though it's pretty tenacious.

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