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    I am running WebOS 3.0.4 on my Touchpad 32gb and I received an update for the App Catalog 5.0.2500 yesterday. Well after the update, Preware showed that I did not have anything installed but I have about 40 patches, kernels, apps, etc. installed..

    The packages are still installed but Preware does not show them as being installed. I could reinstall each application but does anyone know why are they showing up as not being installed?

    Please delete as I found the solution on another thread.

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    Actually the Emergency Reconstruction Utility did not help. I installed the patch and rebooted but the packages are still not showing as installed. I am mainly worried about not getting an update for the F4 Phantom kernel even though it is actually installed.
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    Well I reinstalled the original kernel and rebooted. Then I reinstalled the Phantom kernel so I could get updates for it.

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