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    is anyone else having problems with trying to access gmail through the browser on their TP? All of a sudden I'm now getting an error message from the site about not having cookies enabled. I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the gmail redesign being incompatible with the TP browser because I have checked everything, cookies enabled, cleared cache and browser history, etc on my TP running 3.0.4
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    at the bottom of the page is a link to the simple HTML version and that should work for you.
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    hrm well anyways I went to check again a few hours later and its now working again. Weird
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    For me Gmail loads fast and precise without activating simple HTML, also with it’s new UI design. But it definitely needs and iScroll function or something, which will enable the mail’s list scrollable. By now it will only scroll the whole page …

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    which version of gmail are you using? can you post the URL string? the tablet version of gmail used to work, but now no longer works for me.

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