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    is it just bad? when i took a picture it looked like a webcam picture.
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    you have to hold still, have the subject well lit, and yes its pretty lame.
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    It also helps to squint....
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    The camera on the Touchpad is pretty bad but it is worse since 3.04 came out.
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    It's meant for use with Skype. Not to take photos. That's why it points to you when you use it, rather than out the back like a camera. So yes, it's a webcam.
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    It's that special, deconstructed look.
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    As others have already said, it's essential purpose in life is as a webcam. I mean really, not sure what else people might be expecting from 1.3MP, but there you have it. Can't really say it's any better or worse than the one I have on my Asus notebook.
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    I think overall it's generally worse. Although it does have a much better frame rate than the one I currently have which is Windows 95 era, but it's not as good a picture.
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    DARN I UPDATED to 3.04! was that a mistake?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kdt15 View Post
    DARN I UPDATED to 3.04! was that a mistake?
    No, Frame rates are much better in 3.0.4 and quality is more or less the same.

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