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    I was just curious if anyone had opened up their TP to see if the storage card was upgradable or not and if so, how difficult would it be.
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    essentially impossible. The storage is just a chip or chips on the mainboard, there's no separate storage card.
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    I was wondering the same thing. Looking at the teardown pics in this article it kind of appears that the Sandisk storage is soldered to the board. Still looking for better info.

    Teardown of HP TouchPad: Made like a PC and straightforward to repair | TechRepublic
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    Yes.. it isn't a removable card, despite being made by 'Sandisk'!

    Probably the closest you'd get is to physically hack in with your multimeter, screwdriver & soldering iron and steal some 5v power from the main supply to also run a USB 'Mem Stick' board, perhaps if this were disassembled first, there may also be room to squeeze it into the TP case internally somewhere and wired in parallel with the existing USB port? These files could then be accessed via Internalz Pro. rather as 'Wheel_Nut' has cleverly done here: (Pic), but internally. I suppose it may need to be switched somewhere too.. in order to avoid confusing your PC/Mac USB connection by otherwise giving it x 2 'memories' to look at?

    Or if you were willing & skillful enough.. use the obselete SIM card slot (Wifi only models) adapted and wired to accept a removable mem. card? Hhmmm.. Now there's an idea!

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