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    I find that over time issues w browser, apps and email require a shut down and restart. There seems to be an issue with the releasing of memory or cache, or logs build up to a point where you must start over? I am not a programmer but this needs to be addressed by WebOS team or let us reboot quickly and clear trash.
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    two suggestions:

    1. Jstop in preware lets you "clean out the garbage" which sometimes help.

    2. Hold down the home and power buttons together until the device resets.

    I've also stopped leaving browser cards open, because there seems to be a memory leak. That's even more true on the pre3, which has an extra portion of browser bugs.
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    You can do a graceful reset under Device Info. This will cleanly close files as it shuts down. As with most computers, it is preferable over a hardware reset.

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