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    does anyone have issues with vimeo playing for a bit then pausing as if it is buffering? I have a 12mbps line so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. The same videos work fine on my other devices. My TP has all the typical patches/upgrades i.e. Uberkernel, logging disabled. When the video does play, it is smooth and clear. Once it pauses, if I hit play, it immediately starts playing again only to pause 5-20 seconds later. Any thoughts?

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    Yes, it's almost impossible to get through an HD video on Vimeo using the flash player,
    and because the navigation bar is totally useless you can't jump back to the beginning
    when it does finally finish loading.
    Switch to the HTML5 player option in Vimeo and it'll work fine in fullscreen mode.

    I do think there is something wrong with Vimeo's flash player implementation
    compared to YouTube. It's analogous to not being able to walk and chew gum at
    the same time, in that when it's playing, the buffering slows down or stops, and if
    it has buffered well ahead but the buffering slows below the speed at which
    it's playing, the playback stops. It often just gets stuck, unable to play or
    buffer, until you hit pause and play again.

    Last edited by Daemon; 11/25/2011 at 05:37 AM. Reason: meant HTML5, not Flash5 and needs to be fullscreen
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    how do you switch into flash 5? I see no option to do so?

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    I think he might have meant HTML5?
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    Found the option in the lower right but not actually in the player window. The problem I now have is no videos will play. I just get an error saying "opps something broke. Please try again later."
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    Yes, I meant HTML5 instead of Flash5. Try the fullscreen button. I've not
    generally bothered with trying to play the HTML5 vids embedded in the browser,
    so don't know if that works or not. I always go to fullscreen right away,
    and hit play button from there, which causes it to launch the TP's native video
    player with a URL pointing at a temporary .mp4 file on vimeo. That buffers and
    plays great. Can even stream HD at full 1080p.

    I guess technically it means HTML5 video doesn't work on the TP, but since HTML5 doesn't
    natively support a true fullscreen option the workaround Vimeo implemented for it
    gets the job done.

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    turns out the hulu fix was causing the error with html5 mode being unable to play. I just have to run hulu uninstall and the problem is solved.

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