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    So I noticed that the battery drain overnight is about 10% or more with airplane mode off. And I read the battery QA page with Li-ion batteries that overcharging is bad for the battery so I shouldn't charge it all night? Or is it fine to charge it all the time for touchpad?Then should I just turn it off overnight?
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    Sorry my english is not the best. Sometimes you US-Americans mean on when saying off. So was airplane mode on (no date) or off?
    I think 10% is a good value if airplane mode is off (data allowed) and making a backup at night and maybe syncing 3 mailaccounts, twitter and how knows what you have enabled.
    You can't overcharge a webOS-device since the webOS and the battery chip takes care of that.
    My touchpad is most of the time connect to a charger and never switched completely off.
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    ah thx for the reply. I didn't know the chip thing, that's good to know. Btw I meant airplane mode on(was a typo:-P). Now I can just leave it in the charger:-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodle9527 View Post
    ah thx for the reply. I didn't know the chip thing, that's good to know. Btw I meant airplane mode on(was a typo:-P). Now I can just leave it in the charger:-)
    If your airplane mode is ON (no wifi, BT) you have a problem, unless where you live the night is 22 hours.
    Mine does drain 1-2% for 8 hours with APlane ON. If it is off (connected) ~5 with Wi-Fi auto power off; and 7-9% with Wi-fi always ON.

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    That sounds a little excessive for no data.

    How many hours are we talking?
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    Weird. I left my TP at 1% yesterday evening and all night it stayed at the 1%. In the morning, I started charging but it still was at 1%. WiFi was on and automatic mail checking also.
    Weird that you got a drain then.
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    I'd say about 8-9 hours. It was on airplane mode(no wifi) and went from 25% to 16%. But at the same time my battery do seem to bounce around a lot, like last time I just finished watching around 4.5 hours of tv show and it went from 70 to 25% I thought that was good.

    edit:some more information the discharge rate is -700 when I have wifi on. And it is overclocked to 1.5
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    I tend to agree with what he is saying about the battery drain. I'll watch more carefully from now on for better measurement of hours but I have noticed that even if the WiFi is set to switch itself off when the tablet screen is off, I see all my unread mails and new facebook notifications showing in the taskbar area right after switching it back on, without even waiting for the WiFi signal to show active again in the taskbar.

    So, maybe, the airplane mode is really not working like an airplane mode should when the screen is off? or at least the Wifi off when sleeping function? Because it is essentially same as turning off WiFi (and bluetooth, but I never have bluetooth ON either). I do think that the touchpad does drain battery more than it should.

    I also noticed that when I actually switch the wifi off manually before switching the screen off, the battery drain is significantly less. Bummer!
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    Oops, miss-reply.
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    I dunno why some people have such high drain all the time. I'm running a 1.8Ghz
    F4 kernel tclondemand profile. I leave Wifi on all the time, email app open, often
    a couple random web pages open. As of this moment, my TP has been off the charger
    mostly sleeping (bunch of emails have come in during that time) for nearly 24 hours,
    and the battery has dropped from 100% to 93%. That is normal. I've never seen
    high drain, from stock TP or overclocked *unless* one of the CPUs gets stuck at
    100% and then it sucks the battery down quickly, but it's very noticeable when it
    happens, and reboot always fixes it. That particular symptom is easy to
    see if you install Govnah. Open it up, and one CPU is running at 100% and
    never drops.


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