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    We are trying to use two touchpads to communicate via Skype. The touchpad I have in US works well. However, the touchpad I am trying to communicate to outside of US has a problem with video. both devices has 3.0.4 build. Video was working fine until last week.

    Any ideas where the problem could be?
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    Anything ???
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    Still no response.
    Its apparent the slow death of the touchpad has started.
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    Were there any patches added to the second touchpad, the one that isn't working?
    Can it do skype to another device ok (laptop or phone)?
    Its approaching holidays here so people might be slow to respond.
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    No suggestion on the fix, but I had a Skype conversation today with no issues.

    Any problems with the internet connection?
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    Internet connection seems good. I get the voice very clearly. No patches applied. Both have 3.0.4; And camera is working fine with camera app. I had a reset done on the 2nd machine and need to try again.

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