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    I need help. I can't seem to upload files on websites like, or basically anywhere that has the choose file or browse option. This button is always grayed out. Does anyone know how to do this? I have google searched and searched this forum, but can't seem to find a solution.
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    Hi folks,

    am new to this community and a new webOS TP user.

    Though I am very amazed by the TP, the most annoying thing is that it is not possible to upload for example pictures to a new eBay | Electronics, Cars, Clothing, Collectibles and More Online Shopping auction. I can press the button for "upload" a picture but nothing happens!

    So I did find out that webOS browser does not access the file manager/browser due to security reasons, but why is there no option for the user to decide either he wants the browser to access or not?

    However the question remains: Is there a way to make it work and to upload pictures or any kind of other files directly from the browser to the Internet?

    Thanks in advance and regards,
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    Same issue. I want to be able to upload docs to fax websites.
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    Why are apps trusted more than the browse? I can use, for example, Dropboxify to upload a file, but the browser won't let me.
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