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    I have seen many posts on here about touchpads LOSING audio, but my son and I are both experiencing a problem where the sound becomes distorted and remains that way until a restart is performed. Is anyone else having this problem? It seems to happen after it has been up for a while. It is fine after restart, but is just annoying. If anyone has a fix for this, please share.

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    Its a bug , there is a patch in preware that might help. The real fix I hope will be in the next code upgrade

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    I think there is already a thread about this. I've had the issues too.
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    Me too. It came out of nowhere and all videos were playing with crackling audio. Once I rebooted, everything was fine.
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    I get it about once a week.

    I used to reboot. Then I learned about the patch.

    search preware for Pulse Audio Restart

    it displays as an app. Whenever the sounds gets distorted just start the app. It'll start' restart the audio driver, then the app will close itself.

    works great.
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    pulse audio patch doesn't work with this bug. I've tried, only a restart works
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    a lot of people have reported that if you start a YouTube video playing, then shut the screen off, it solves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    a lot of people have reported that if you start a YouTube video playing, then shut the screen off, it solves.
    This works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    a lot of people have reported that if you start a YouTube video playing, then shut the screen off, it solves.
    Gotta try this next time it happens! bets the hell out of rebooting!
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    You don't have to reboot. There is a program called PulseAudio Restarter in PreWare that will restart the audio for you.
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    As said above the Pulse Audio restarter does not solve this problem, it worked great with the old loss of audio problem, but not the distorted audio issue.
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    I find a way out of distorted audio without rebooting, but it's kinda stupid.

    Find a long video to play on YouTube, play it in windowed mode, then let device go to sleep (naturally, putting device to sleep manually doesn't work). Audio becomes choppy but eventually won't be distorted. When audio becomes undistorted turn device back on and close the YouTube video.

    Strange, but it works every time.
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    pulse audio restarter does not fix the problem.
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    Came across this issue for the first time yesterday. Glad it's a known bug and not an issue at my end.

    Might try the Youtube trick next time it happens
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    Happened to mine the other day, just rebooted it. Seems like a sound card driver error.
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    I've also been seeing this, and it's been happening with more frequency. I hope the rumored 3.0.5 fixes it.
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    Yes, this bug initially only happened to me a few times the first month or so. I'm getting it daily now, and several times a day. I'm ready for 3.0.5 yesterday.

    While they are at it, they can re-fix the screen dimming during video playback & the stopping of streaming content in the browser when the screen sleeps (Pandora, Amazon Cloud Player, etc.).
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    I found that even restarting the touchpad (not just luna, the whole OS) usually doesn't help. Someone else posted this fix, which I pooh-poohed initially, but discovered it actually does work every time for me:

    Just hit the power button on the touchpad to put it to sleep. Count to 10 mississippi. Now wake it up. The sound will be clear. I don't get why this works, but it does.
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    Two solutions to fix this bug each time it happened:
    1. Pulse Audio Restarter
    2. Restart TouchPad.

    For Pulse Audio Restarter, I have v1.01. I grab it from Precentral, Pulse Audio Restarter Thread, because it hasn't been available in Preware.

    This problem related between audio plays / on with screen on / off.
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    I get that issue sometimes, usually is fixed with pulse audio restarter.
    My issue though is more on the email alerts which loses the sound file and only uses the default sound. I have to restart the WebOS for it to reset to my configured alerts.
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