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    I'd like to know what others are getting for standby times on the HP Touchpad. I have had 2 32GB devices with absolutely terrible standby times.

    My 32GB developed the infamous speaker cracks and I recently sent it in to HP and it was replaced by a new/refurb unit. This new unit has even WORSE standby times than my original.

    Original Unit:
    Lost 33.6% - 24h no use, wifi-on, bluetooth off, yes email setup, yes skype setup

    Replacement Unit:
    Lost 63% - 24h no use, wifi-on, bluetooth off, NO email setup, NO skype setup (76% down to 13%)

    My original 32GB was already draining way faster than my friend's 32GB, but this replacement unit is a total joke! I have a feeling there's a very serious quality control problem with relation to the batteries in these units if my 2 TP's are any indication.
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    This is a very relevant question. Me and my wife both have TP's; bought same time; same place; in series lot number - in other words, should be nearly identical in terms of battery usage. However, they are not.

    These are very rough estimates, but I would guess that:
    -Mines loses ~18% over an 18 hour standby period
    -My wifes loses ~30+% over the same period

    It's crazy and unexplainable. I've checked DrBattery and they are both the higher capacity batteries (as is usual with 32gb units). I'd be interested in other users experiences, and a FORMAL way of measuring charge loss (because I have a had time trusting the percentages shown by the unit itself) (maybe govnah, maybe DrBattery, maybe some command line log, etc).
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    If I dont use TP, like dont even turn the screen on, it lasts me 3 days, little disappointing, considering Ipad last you close to a week or thats what I have been told. All I have on it are calendar and email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    If I dont use TP, like dont even turn the screen on, it lasts me 3 days, little disappointing, considering Ipad last you close to a week or thats what I have been told. All I have on it are calendar and email.
    This displays a point clearly to me.

    If my wifes is fully charged and never used, it too will last about 3 days.

    HOWEVER, if mine is fully charged and never gets used, it can last 5+ days.

    The differences people are seeing are not minor/mild differences, they're significant. I have a hard time not using my TP for 5 straight days but what I do know is that I'll use it up to an hour a day and I only recharge every 4-5 days.
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    Mine only loses a few % per day if not used. I have the F4 kernel installed with customized profiles, but my battery life in standby is quite good. Do you have apps running in the background that check services frequently & drain the batt? Email set to push? Those items or bat problems seem likely.
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    I have a completely fresh out of the box unit with no accounts setup, that has been running down for 5 days now, I just checked before I left for work and it had 16% left. WiFi appears to have defaulted to off when screen is off, though, but I didn't have time to check it.

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    I leave mine in sleep mode from 12-16 hour at times starting at 100% and it is still at 100% when I wake it up.
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    My 16GB looses 2% in 24 hrs standby, 3.04, on demand overclock @ 1.5Ghz, no wifi, gmail set to manually check, all accounts logged out. (Skype, AIM)

    I also have the 6200mAh battery in mine, not the 5421mAh one.

    Here's another thread discussing battery life. -
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    Thanks everyone for your posts. Yes, indeed it looks like there are some wild variances with the battery drain.

    One thing I noticed with my first TP... There seems to be some weirdness with battery reporting when at 100%. I've seen it stick at 100% for long periods of time, then after it decides to start reporting a drain, it drains out fast.

    I did another test with my new TP. My previous one started at 76% before I did my drain test. This time I started at 100% and with WiFi disabled. So far about 18 hours later it's still at 100%. I can't say whether it was disabling wifi or the 100% issue. I'll do drain tests in the coming days with/without wifi on and starting ~75% before I make any conclusions.
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    Ok, did some more tests. Nothing will explain the difference in battery life between the different touchpads, but I did discover that having WiFi on SERIOUSLY drains battery life (on my unit anyway).

    Wifi on:
    93% at 9:58 pm
    73% at 11:01 am
    Lost 20% in 13h 3m

    Wifi off:
    73% at 11:02 am
    71% at 11:43 am
    Lost 2% in 24 hr 41 min

    I also have determined that my suspicions about the 100% reading being innacurate are prbobably true.

    Wifi off:
    almost 48 hours at 100%

    You can see from the tests above, when the battery isn't AT 100%, you get at least some drain reported. When the battery is at 100%, it can go a very long time before reporting any drain. I'm guessing some kind of bad calibration.

    For anyone else who wants to do drain tests, I recommend you let it drain to at least 95% or less before you start your tests.
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