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    How do you fix the touch screen doesn't work after insert a new touchpadgo rom????
    touchpadgo 3.0.4 Rom????

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    I don not have original touchpadgo doctor. I just use novainstall77 to insert cust-opal-XXXXX(Tar.file) into my touchpadgo........
    I heard that somebody can fix all touchpadgo software/rom in Shanghai in China......
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    Well there's your problem. You should have dumped the firmware, bootloader, and root partition before you started experimenting. webOS Doctor is copyrighted software, so it cannot be provided here, even if someone has a copy. I think someone else tried to install LunaCE on their TPGo, and messed things up, and they're stuck.
  4. #65 just read this thread..epic... TP Go with 3G and even SD slot!!!!...

    arrrg....I do not mind more unicorns appearing - if I'm able to hop onto the bandwagon lol..make it a whole herd the more the merrier!!!
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    Got it. Try to do it. Thanks...................
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