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    So, after I updated to 3.0.4, I have had several new problems. First of all, it changed my time zone and I'm not able to change it back. When I try to select a time zone, it just gives my a prompt to type in, but nothing comes up. Next, the sound gets all screwed up every once in a while and I have to restart. All sounds are completely distorted until i reset. I'm also getting a weird error when launching preware. Most everything else seems to run normal. I do have CM7 installed, and I'm not sure if that matters. I think the issues did start before I installed that though. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix any of this?
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    Time zone change is a scroller, just tap on the currently selected timezone in the Date & Time panel, and it'll open up a big list of all time zones it knows. I know, it doesn't look like it's changeable.

    Sound is something many people are dealing with, although I notice that my gf's touchpad has not yet had that problem, and is not running -anything- custom on it. May just be because it doesn't get used for as much stuff as mine does. May be caused by something all of us at precentral are adding commonly?

    Define "weird error" ?
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    @Eblade; My TP has been pretty well customized, and I have been lucky enough to have had no sound issues. I am not using any sound or volume patches.
    Also never needed to Dr my TP after the 3.04 ota either. Unless the random Luna restarts have something to do with 3.04....but they only started ano0ut a week ago.

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    Thanks, but the list of time zones never opens. Its like parts of the OS are just missing now.
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    Is your spell checker having problems, too?

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