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    Check it out...TouchPads for sale, new and used on actually added one to my cart and got all the way to checkout just to make sure they are truly in stock. I just can't believe I am the first one to write about it...unless I missed the post somewhere. So, yeah, you may be able to find one cheaper on Craigslist, but at least this way you don't have to go meet some sketchy guy to get one.
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    It's been posted more times than I have appendages over the past couple of months.

    Those Touchpads are sold by third-party sellers, not by Amazon themselves. The primary seller is "Worldwide Distributors" and you'll notice Amazon themselves aren't even listed as a seller in this list of sellers offering the Touchpad on the site:
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    Is it just my imagination or has the Amazon reseller price crept up again?
    I'm sure it had dropping to something closer to $200 at one stage.
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    Seems about the same as when I picked up mine in September.
    Prices on the units themselves aren't terrible but if you're buying outside the US be sure to pay close attention that the seller will ship internationally AND that they aren't gouging you on the shipping costs (some are worse than others).
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    Right now a penny difference between 32GB and 16GB! That is too funny!
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    I'm a frequent Amazon shopper.

    Last week, I placed an order for 24 TP's.

    Unfortunately.... TP's, as in a case of 24 toilet papers.... (still cheaper
    than my local Costco.... since I used Amazon subscription service)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartKidsOnTheRun View Post
    Right now a penny difference between 32GB and 16GB! That is too funny!
    yeah..... I've been wondering if the extra 16GB is worth the penny.

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